My first photo project

I have been reading a book by photographer/author Tom Ang and one suggestion that resonated with me was the idea of taking on a photo project. The timing worked well as there is a tree on my street that is phenomenal and I always wondered about how quickly the leaves turn, what the process looks like, etc.

So, on October 1st, I began taking shots of the tree. I have, as Ang predicted, learned a lot while doing the project. For instance, it is important, when documenting change in the form I am, to take your shot from the same spot each time. This is something I did not really realize until the last few days of shooting. The same time of day would be great, too, but work tends to be unpredictable and therefore I have had to take some shots early and others late in the day.

I have taken less joy from taking shots of the whole tree and much more enjoyment from doing close up shots of the leaves.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing; learning (again and again) that I prefer the world closeup to the big picture.

So far, these are some of my favourite shots and some shots of the tree progressing through its fall wardrobe. I will figure out, some time after all the leaves have fallen, how I want to present my final “project”. It probably will figure itself out.


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4 thoughts on “My first photo project

    • Thanks for your comment. Composition is harder for me on what my daughter calls “big pictures” – anything not macro basically. That’s why taking on projects will be important; to ensure I broaden my horizons!


  1. Honestly, I think I like the variation between wide angle and close up shots, it makes the entire collection more interesting. The colors are beautiful, its one of the reasons autumn is my favorite season. Great job 🙂


    • Thanks! I learned from the wider shots that it works best for comparison purposes to take the shot from the same position in order to truly highlight the change. Yet the close up shots remain my comfort zone!


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