The Tree Project

I’ve just learned a wonderful lesson in blogging – photos can and do disappear between creation and deliverance of a post…oh well.

On October 1st,  I began a wonderful project photographing the tree at the end of our street. Quite simply, it is the most amazing tree in the neighbourhood. Some years ago, a stately tree sat on the front lawn of the local school and that tree overshadowed all around it, but it became diseased and was removed. So, although my favourite tree does not actually receive as much attention as it is not on a main street in front of a public building, it is worthy of a month’s worth of photographing.

It started out just with a few leaves considering changing colour and over time, it became something spectacular. Without a doubt, the fallen leaves also proved to be great photo subjects.

And then, on Thanksgiving weekend, with the children home from university, the tree came close to showing all its glory.

A couple days later, it was there….a grey overcast day with a wonderful showing by the tree.

After the beautiful weather of Thanksgiving, though, the skies turned grey consistently and there was a great deal of wind. So before October was done, the tree’s beauty had all been blown away.


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