Disproportionately happy

It seems ridiculous to say, but I’m going to say it anyway. I am incredibly pleased. The reason this is ridiculous to say is that something happened that is small, yet made me want to jump up and down and I kind of, sort of, did.

I spoke in an earlier blog about entering photo contests. I had entered a small local one, and I shot for the moon on a couple others. I was unsuccessful on the “shooting for the moon” ones. Well, actually, in some sense I was unsuccessful in all of them. That is, if you measure success purely by “winning”, or having your photos deemed “the best” or at least top 10, I was not successful.

I guess I’m just a simple gal, cause I feel, well, disproportionately happy. A local newspaper had a photo contest and they received over 2000 entries. A few weeks ago, the top photos were published in the paper and, although disappointed I had not “been successful”, I also knew that there are many, many (many!) good professional and amateur photographers who entered these contests. I also knew (and know) that taking photos, looking at other people’s photos and, yes, entering contests are all enjoyable ways to spend my time.

Yesterday, though, I received an email on my phone which, to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to because it was talking about the photo contest, which I already knew the results about so I quickly moved on. Later in the day, I had a calmer moment and was rereading all those quickly passed over emails of the day and more closely read the photo contest one. And, to my pure delight, I read that two of my photos had made it into the Top 100 of the contest. That’s when the jumping up and down began in earnest.

My excitement was mildly tempered by the fact that the two photos they chose were rather similar – they could almost be considered two shots of the same subject – but really, who was I to argue with what could only be considered the outstanding good taste of the judges (whose judgement, possibly, I might have, a little bit, questioned a few short weeks earlier when the first place winner was announced….)?

So, yes,  I did not “win”, but I felt like I’d hit the jackpot.


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