Remembering to slow down

As this crazy, busy week comes to an end, I realized I had not taken a single picture for fun. There were events at work to document, but there is nothing to document life. It seems that empty nest or not, there is always too much to do. I don’t want photography to become a chore, but given how much enjoyment comes from it, I should look at like exercise – something to be carved out in your day that brings short and long term benefits.

I have begun to follow lots and lots of other people’s blogs and although that also takes up time, it is completely inspiring (photo blogs) and entertaining (written word blogs). The blogs that combine the two are probably the most interesting to me because I really enjoy photos, but equally I enjoy the stories behind them.

I made a packet of 20 cards for a friend and realized that there are now more than 20 photos that I love enough to use for cards. That’s a big deal because in the spring, there were only about 4-5. It really was a great summer for photography, which could have been because I was not working, I love photographing flowers, and I am learning more about the importance of composition!

So, this weekend, the goal is pictures. And more pictures. Oh and maybe some sleep…..


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