The details

“Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.”  – Perry Paxton

The highlighting of wonderful blogs continues…..starting with photography blogs.

A Life Less Boring is most definitely NOT boring. There are photos, tips and other interesting reads.

Denzil Jennings Photography is an inspiring and captivating blog. Many different subjects keeps one looking forward to his next post.

The Lantern Room has a theme, “Enlightenment through Photography”. This is a wonderfully apt theme as this blog presents subjects in a wonderful new way.

Marina Chetner completely pulls you in to her blog. Her most recent blog about LennyKravitz at Radio City Music Hall is a perfect example of her great photography and love of life.

Lens and Pens by Sally combines beautiful photography with well written discussion about her photographic focus.

The written word….

Sara Heinonen is a deeply intelligent writer who shares her work and her thoughts on reading and writing fiction. She links to her website where you can read even more of her engaging work (and see a really impressive webpage)!

Classroom as a Microcosm is written by an English teacher who shares her experiences and observations on the classroom. This blog encourages the reader to actively engage in thinking about education.

Where Do Gaybies Come From? (“Loveable Misanthrope, Gay Superdad”) is the first blog I discovered from “Freshly Pressed”, a section of WordPress blogs that highlights posts for their ability to “entertain, enlighten or inspire”. Jerry Mahoney’s blog meets all three aspects of that criteria. Jerry is definitely a superdad and he shares his adventures (and misadventures) with his readers in a completely engaging way.

Three blogs that can make me laugh. Out loud. Live, Nerd Repeat (“Living life better through the perfect application of humour and nerdery”), Peas & Cougars (“If life were a cartoon, I would be a triangle, which probably better than being a square”), and Maximum Wage (“Life, Jobs and the American Way”).  

There are more I could include and more to be discovered, I’m sure, but I’ll leave it here.


Finally, a sunny day

Well, today I got my sun. And so we hit the trails again, this time to Erindale Park. Due to the fact that most of the pathways are susceptible to wash out, most of the trails are susceptible to ice coverage at this time of year. That was the only downside (okay, maybe the wind at times).

The river was flowing very rapidly, although at the sides there were areas with ice. That being said, there were a significant number of people fishing. We could not help but wonder what would happen if they lost their footing. It would be a most unpleasant experience.

Rattlesnake Point

Although originally from the west, I am not a winter person. So, hubby has his work cut out for him when it comes to getting me outside and away from my books, my warm blanket and my tea. Last weekend, he hit the mark with Rattlesnake Point.

Call it what you may

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind, don’t matter and those that matter, don’t mind.”   – Dr. Seuss.

I cannot figure out what to call this age and stage that I find myself in, but because of my work, I am not a fan of labels anyway.

For more than 22 years, I have first and foremost defined myself as a mom, or more aptly Kyle and Laura’s mom. I love that role and it has fulfilled me and consumed me in the best possible way. But now that my children have figuratively (and literally) “flown the coop”, a re-definition is due. Of course, I’m still a “mom”, but the full-time status has been relegated to the past. 

It is the process of moving out of their lives as they move into their own that is proving to be a challenge.  

They are truly capable, truly able to do everything they want to do and I am here if they need help. And yet, it does take a conscious effort to remove myself. To stop having their wellbeing be the first and last thought of my day.

It’s not a matter of missing them. I do, but my heart does not ache every minute. It’s the practicality of moving from focussing on their lives and their wellbeing to….something else. When every decision has been made for more than 22 years with full consideration being given to everyone, it feels oddly selfish to just do things for myself.

The “finished product”, so to speak, is an accomplishment – we did do a great job raising our children. It was not a perfect job, and I didn’t know what I was doing a lot of the time, but they know they are loved and I hope that I instilled in them the knowledge, as was said in The Help, that they are smart, kind and important. 

The greatest compliment they paid me was to ask me how I did it, how I raised them to be good people. I could not answer that because they raised me too. It was a joint effort.

And now, I have to find a new path just as they are finding theirs.

Perhaps if I just keep doing more and seeing the world from this new perspective, life will point me in the right direction.

Oh the places you’ll see…

Oh the places you’ll go!
You’ll be on your way up!
You’ll be seeing great sights!

– Dr. Seuss

As I mentioned on Sunday, I wanted to share some recommendations for blogs to check out. Here’s today’s suggestions:

The Lantern Room has photos and words that often take my breath away. The simplest subjects portrayed beautifully.

Leanne Cole’ Blog allows me to see the other side of the world, literally, through her photographs. Her experience in photography began when she was 10 and the way she sees the world is wonderful.

Burnt Embers  has a wide variety of subjects and great explanations of the process of the photographs.

Again, all of these are wonderful and I could – and probably will – go on forever suggesting places to see.

A little mystery

At school, the teacher I work with has started a class blog. This is exciting news for me as I am able to actively participate with confidence.

The way that I have chosen to participate, beyond commenting on student’s blogs, is to post “mystery” photographs for the students to consider.

Last week on my school blog, I posted the “little green army man” shot from this post.  I asked the students what they thought the army man was sitting on. Most students felt it was a chocolate chip. In reality, it was a pine cone (which looks remarkably like a bunch of chocolate chips).

This week, hubby and I headed to Rattlesnake Point. I had the “mystery photo” idea in my mind and I took this shot. I then used Paint to highlight the “mystery” item in the shot and have asked the students to tell me what they think it is.

So far, students have guessed birds and a tree. In reality, it is a rock climber.

I am really enjoying this activity and look forward to seeing the world through their eyes.


Shining a light

I wanted to share some of my favourite blogs, a few at a time, with people who read my blog. I have discovered some wonderful “new to me” blogs through referrals from others. It might get a bit overwhelming to mention all at one time, though. So here’s today’s suggestions.

Daily Dose of Imagery, which you can view here, appeals to me in many ways. It might be Toronto specific, but I think everyone can enjoy the beauty and composition in Sam Javanrouh’s photos. There are no words to accompany his photos. None needed.

Shell River by Mary Schwartz, Katie’s Camera Blog by Katie Johnson and Imagery of Light by Sheila Creighton also are three daily “must sees” for me.

All three of these photographers are exceptional. By following their blogs I have learned the power of one photo and limited words. I have come to believe  in the power of this type of post through these women and their incredibly inspiring blogs. The way in which they see the world, and their use of the simplest of subjects, makes you want to pick up your camera and create.

Thank you to all of you.  

Stay tuned for more….

The answer my friend…


I am not at all a fan of Bob Dylan, yet I truly love the lyrics to “Blowin’ in the Wind”, written by Billy Sherrill and Charlie Rich. I have a memory of singing it in church with my mom, who has an amazing voice.

Last summer, I was out taking shots in the backyard when I came across “fluff”, blowin’ in the wind. With snow on the ground today, I’m yearning for the days of light breezes and bright colours in my garden.


Moon memories

“The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand” – Frederic Lawrence Knowles

I admire all those who can effectively “shoot the moon”. A year ago today I tried my hand but I found that it was more effective to use the moon as the centrepiece.