Riverwood Conservancy

Yesterday, we went for a walk in the heart of Mississauga, although it quickly seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere. The Riverwood Conservancy is a treasure that I was not aware that our city possesses. As stated in their website:

“The Riverwood Conservancy is a volunteer- and member-based charity that provides programs and services to the community in nature and environmental education, stewardship of Riverwood, and gardening and horticulture.”

The mission set out by the group is to create and maintain a public garden, park and nature reserve in the midst of a growing city. It is doing a wonderful job so far, and is truly a beautiful place.


You’re invited to my “Me-Me-I” show

You know those people: it’s all about them. Their favourite subject is, well, themselves. When you talk, they are merely waiting for you to finish so they can talk (although, often, they don’t actually bother to wait for you to finish). Everything you say can be related back to them. They really can’t see the forest (the world) for the trees (their ego).

Well, folks, I’m inviting you to my own personal me-me-I show. Cause yesterday, well, I hit 100 posts and I’m a few “views” away from 2500 hits on my blog. So, yeah, it’s true, I’m pulling a me-me-I. Shoot me.

The timing is great – spring is here and I am ready to get a whole new year of shots underway!

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I am not afraid of tomorrow

I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today. – William Allen White

English Bay, Vancouver

Being a parent is an amazing journey which moves you through the days and years at a speed that is astounding. Where you are headed can sometimes be unknown, but I have come to discover that the purpose of the journey is truly about helping and guiding your children to find their place in the world, wherever it may be.