A little water…

A little water is a sea to an ant – Afghan proverb

While in Niagara on the Lake yesterday, I was completely blown away by the flowers along the main street. And then, going back to my car, I discovered a garden beside a private home that was full of butterflies and water features. I wanted to wander through it, but I believe it was a private garden. So I stood on the sidewalk and took photos  instead.



The limit

On my writing blog, I posted a letter I sent to members of our provincial government today. Apparently, this was the day I hit my limit regarding the negative press the education sector is facing on a daily basis as the new school year approaches.

Reading other people’s blogs, taking photos, cycling, walking….those are the ways around letting “hitting the limit” ruin your day! Thanks to everyone who comes by…..

Taste of the Danforth

Danforth Avenue in Toronto has an annual event to bring people in to taste the food available in the area. The idea is that people will come back throughout the year based on what they experience during the summertime event.

We loved the event and the mostly Greek food. Although that type of food is generally not all that vegetarian friendly, with the amazing souvlaki being the cornerstone of the barbeques, the Danforth has other types of food and I was more than full when we left!  There was definitely enough for a “taste” and the atmosphere was really festive and included every age group which is always the best way to experience a community event.

Entertainment - Taste of the Danforth

Group playing at the side of the road, Taste of the Danforth

Pappas Grill

Taste of the Danforth

Friday night, Taste of the Danforth