Always remembered (repost)

Four years ago today, one the finest people I’ve ever known – my father-in-law passed away. This is a repost in honour of him.

For me, there’s a daffodil in every dustbin – Eric Sykes

I love this quote and was so glad to finally have a photo to go with it. I found the quote when I was writing the eulogy for my father-in-law’s funeral in 2009. Dad Turner was a man who truly could find a daffodil in every dustbin, literally and figuratively. He was an eternal optimist and he found good in everyone. The literal side of that quote was that dad and is brother, Charlie, loved to go to the dump at the cottage (which they called the Trading Post) to discover “daffodils” – many “treasures” someone else had let go, they were able to put to good use.

I always felt so loved and accepted by my father-in-law and since I did not grow up with my own father, Dad Turner helped me understand what kind of relationship I could have with my dad. Fortunately, I did end up very close to both my “dads”.  They are both gone now and I miss them both keenly, though in different ways, at different times.

The photo above was taken at the family cottage this past weekend – a place that Dad Turner worked so hard to make special for all of us to enjoy. As Kyle said in his eulogy to his grandfather, Grandpa worked hard, but he worked hardest on us – building a family.

Hey dad – woo-ha!

Mirror, mirror

Mirror, MirrorOne of the best features of my 70-300 mm lens is that it takes macro shots or distance shots. I captured this distance shot (that’s me in the centre of the reflection!) on the same day I took the flower shots of the past few days’ posts.

Thread Agave


Just the coolest thing!

Stoloniferous, perennial succulent with basal rosette of spiky, narrow leaves. Leaf margins break away leaving long white thread-like fibers. Bears a tall flower spike from the center. Flowers are yellow to green, bell-shaped.