In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane. – Oscar Wilde


Looking at photos, we form an opinion….perhaps not even consciously. At some level, we decide whether to stop and look further, or simply skip right past. My hubby has strong artistic opinions and so when we are looking through shots I take, I usually get him to help me decide which ones are worthy of keeping and possibly posting, and which ones are not.

When I first began taking photos, it was hard because I loved so many more of my photos than he did. Over time, he taught me to be more critical – for example, the off centre focus that dominates my photos came about because he suggested I compare photos taken straight on versus off centre to decide which I preferred.

Now, I still get his opinion, but we disagree as often as we agree and I have the final say, mainly because it’s my finger on the “delete” button.

So, the above photo is one that I thought was “meh” but my hubby liked. Today, his opinion won out.

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