Memorial to Jack Layton

As planned, my hubby and I headed out on our bikes yesterday and went down to the Jack Layton Ferry Docks (recently renamed) to see the statue in memory of Jack Layton.


The wall behind says, Jack’s Got Your Back: Stronger Together: The Layton Memorial.

I would have loved to see something from his final letter to Canadians as the tag line, but since Jack is on the back of the tandem bike, it is a fitting quote.

For people unfamiliar with Jack Layton, here is a link with information about him, produced at the time of his death. Whether or not you were an NDP supporter, people were struck by his ability to speak and live simply. I think the aspect of his personality I admired most was his strong desire to be a force for change while remaining a guy who, as depicted above, rode his bike everywhere. As well, his devotion to his family was never far from his mind and that was very evident in the way they all treated one another in the days following Layton’s death.


Olivia Chow, Jack Layton’s widow, said she wanted the sculpture to capture his smile.

I wish he was still riding the streets of Toronto, but his memorial will bring a smile to many other people as they wait for their ferry to the Toronto Island.

For a piece on how the sculpture came to be, follow this link.



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