Happy (WordPress) Anniversary to me!

I received notification that I joined WordPress two years ago today….oh my. That seems crazy. I love having a place to see others photos, share my own and write about life’s adventures and misadventures…..

I had planned to share the photo below and how it signifies how summer is “flying” by….but I guess it’s now more about how time flies….



This photo was one in a series of a gazillion where I was trying to get bees pollinating. I didn’t even know I had this shot until I uploaded it on the computer. That’s probably my favourite part of photography – being surprised!


The miracle of bees

I love to photograph things that crawl and fly. Yet, being allergic to bees, it’s not always in my own best interest to photograph bees. But a couple of years ago, my hubby got me a great lens that allows close up shots while standing a ways back. Thankfully!

This shot, like the one from July 27, was taken at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail, Colorado last month. This is a beautiful garden that I highly recommend. More shots to come in the days ahead.


simple beauty

So, I have mentioned my son is an entomologist. He also knows a lot about plants and biology and well, lots of stuff. He honestly can make me understand things, even when they are complicated. He is an excellent teacher because he makes things make sense. He figures out how you think, what you know and he works with that. It really is a gift.

So, I love flowers. And whenever we go somewhere and look at flowers together, I have questions and he has answers.

I love this simple flower and its simple beauty. No need to wonder why. I just do.

Flowers - 25

My 300th Post!

On August 19, 2011, I created this blog and today, well, it’s my 300th post.

I decided to reflect back and pick one or more of my favourite shots. It took me but a moment to realize I could not pick. So instead, I decided to use two photos I haven’t posted yet – one of my “best work” – my children – and another photo taken by my son, of me and my sweetie. We met 32 years ago this month so that is yet another thing to celebrate.


I finished a book yesterday called Bone and Bread and the final line was….”And the work of getting closer, of loving harder, is the work of a whole life”. I love that line.


Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply  gives you courage – Lao Tzu

Thank you to everyone for stopping by and sharing the adventure of my blog. I look forward to what lies ahead. Whatever that is!