Sunny days….

Sunnyside up!

Starting another new adventure tomorrow at my second school this year….looking forward to seeing a good friend on a daily basis and meeting more little people who say the craziest things!

Today, I said goodbye to the primary student I’ve worked with over the past few weeks. As is her nature, she didn’t look back, but simply gave a wave over her shoulder. I will miss her love of dance and her silly smile, even her stubborn ‘NO’ to pretty much everything you ask her to do. She was the one that made the day sunny!


Tomorrow is another one….

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one  – Dr. Seuss

Well, little did I know that quote now signifies that I am yet again moving schools….”tomorrow is another one”. Last spring, I was declared excess at my beloved school. I went out, conquered the world of interviews and found another school for September. This morning, I found out that I am again “excess to location”. So, the quote is a bit sarcastic on my part.

Today was….”fun”.

I am again, off into the sunset….let the next adventure BEGIN!



Kensington Market

As I’ve mentioned, I’m revisiting some of my old posts and reposting photos.


The photos in this post are from Kensington Market in Toronto. My son just moved out of the area and I am ever so grateful that he lived there so that I could have a reason to go there many times.


My first encounter with Kensington, that I recall, was actually when I was pregnant with my son, 24 years ago. I experienced one of my few bouts of “morning” sickness during a walk through Kensington – it was busy and there were many smells, but the one that did me in was fresh brewed coffee!


I look forward to more days in Kensington, for the many treasures it holds and the photo potentials which are endless.


Happy Birthday to my sweetie…

Tomorrow, quick on the heels of my daughter’s birthday, my husband will celebrate his special day. I am fortunate to have married the person who has remained my closest friend and ally throughout our many years together. Although neither of us is perfect, we are perfect for each other.

Happy Birthday sweetie. Enjoy your day and all the days ahead.