9 comments on “Living in the moment

      • A lot of quotes I “hear” which I write down. I love Rumi as well.

        I love your work and I also saw, you are a special person in who are you. Bless you for helping others. I know too well, how exhausting helping others can be. I seem to be having one of those days myself. I never get a day off, and with all I put out on my blog, I’m just needing somene to step in and say, “hey, I’ll do it.” LOL (((HUGS))), Amy

  1. What a beautiful story! Sounds like this child is blossoming with all the help he is getting. What a rewarding job this must be, even if there are many difficult days. I love flowers! This is a beautiful blog, I’m glad I discovered it from Leanne Cole’s blog.

    • Thanks for coming by and commenting as well.

      Yes, the job can be very rewarding, and also challenging. Education is a tricky place to be these days!

      It was so wonderful to be featured on Leanne’s blog!

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    After seeing many of my peers last night, I was reminded of the work done in special needs everyday. Hard but rewarding work, done by people with dedication to the success of students.

    Don’t let anyone make you believe it’s all about the money.

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