Stepping back

I seem to have a fondness for macro shots – without question I feel more comfortable in that zone.

That being said, one of my favourite shots ever by anyone is Aspens, New Mexico by Ansel Adams.

Each time I search for the photo online, I seem to see a different version and this got me interested in taking shots of trees and other structures in nature and playing with how they are “processed”.

This is why I am stepping back and looking at other points of view.

Delray - Thursday - Japanese Gardens 062


Delray - Thursday - Japanese Gardens 062

Bamboo grove – Delray Beach Japanese Botanical Gardens



….nothing to do….

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in – Robert Orben

I’ve been away from blogging for a few days as I was on vacation…..with nothing to do…and all day to do it in….it felt pretty darn amazing. 

Delray - Thursday - Japanese Gardens 116

Unexpected discovery

I am so inspired by many photographers and other bloggers who share their discoveries within their own cities. Here’s one of my own unexpected discoveries from several years ago.

writing in the (mom)ent

After a trip downtown, we decided to take a hike in High Park. Without a doubt, High Park is a jewel in the park system of Toronto. It is beautiful 12 months of the year and can attract large crowds daily. As yesterday was a warm November day, we knew that parking might be a challenge. Ever the optimist, I bypassed the first available parking and we somehow ended up out of the park without finding anything else. We thought we would just head home, but came to a street that we hoped might bring us back into the park.

To our surprise and delight, we came upon a street that led to paths that skirted the western edge of the park without taking you into the more heavily travelled areas. It was as if you were somewhere completely different – definitely not the middle of one of Canada’s largest urban areas. In our…

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….I could walk in my garden forever

If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever – Tennyson

When my father passed away, I was given a gift of remembrance from some coworkers. The gift was 50 tulip bulbs….


The other day I realized that this fall, it will be 10 years since my dad passed away. I think that came as a surprise to me because I do think about my dad all the time, even though he is gone. He once told me that when I was in a job interview, to answer questions as he would – brag a little. In the last months of his life, we talked almost everyday. And everyday he would choose one thing that I did that day and tell me how I had done a “good job” on that thing. He was specific and earnest.

I was not close to my dad growing up. My parents were divorced when I was too young to remember him. He was not a regular (or even irregular) part of my life until I was in my twenties and living across the country from him. It took us a long time to negotiate our relationship. Fortunately, it became much easier before he passed away. And everything before that no longer matters.

These days, my dad is often in my thoughts. I am struggling, trying to figure out how to work with a particular student and finding that my patience is being tested. A lot. So, sometimes, when I am struggling, I think about what my dad would say. I know that there’s a good chance what he would say would be very colourful and perhaps more than a little inappropriate – but at the same time, it makes me laugh and reminds me how I would scold and educate my dad on his inappropriate comments. It also makes me realize that if I could have the patience to forge my relationship with my dad, a relationship that took more than 40 years of negotiations to build, that I can have patience with this little person for one more day.

Kensington Market

I first posted this in September 2011. I headed down to Kensington today and was reminded how much I love it!

writing in the (mom)ent

The first time I ever visited Kensington Market was in the spring of 1989. My strongest recollection is being overwhelmed by the smells of the many different foods being prepared. This was slightly problematic as I was pregnant with Kyle and those smells cut short our visit.

September 1, 2010 began a new Kensington adventure, with Kyle taking an apartment in the heart of the amazing neighbourhood. That day taught me about how crazy it is to think about taking a huge truck through the streets of one of the busiest pedestrian areas in Toronto; I did but only because I didn’t know any better.

So, today, I walked through Kensington, taking photos and being distracted by the incredibly diverse shopping experiences. And, best of all, hanging out.


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