A daffodil in every dustbin…

A repost – perhaps not the first time for this one. As April comes to an end – the month of cancer fundraising, with daffodils as the symbol – I am reminded of this, one of my favourite photos, and a post about one of my favourite people. Enjoy!

writing in the (mom)ent

For me, there’s a daffodil in every dustbin – Eric Sykes

I love this quote and was so glad to finally have a photo to go with it. I found the quote when I was writing the eulogy for my father-in-law’s funeral in 2009. Dad Turner was a man who truly could find a daffodil in every dustbin, literally and figuratively. He was an eternal optimist and he found good in everyone. The literal side of that quote was that dad and is brother, Charlie, loved to go to the dump at the cottage (which they called the Trading Post) to discover “daffodils” – many “treasures” someone else had let go, they were able to put to good use.

I always felt so loved and accepted by my father-in-law and since I did not grow up with my own father, Dad Turner helped me understand what kind of relationship I could have with my…

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5 thoughts on “A daffodil in every dustbin…

  1. Sweetheart, this is gorgeous!!! Where are all the viewers? I am honestly shocked that no one is here. Oh, this photo is professional quality. It is that gorgeous!!! Your photos need to be seen, and I really really mean that! I loved this daffy! You captured her just perfectly! (((HUGS))) Amy


      • Paula, I worked my butt off getting the following I do. Seriously. My motive is to get my message of LOVE and TRUTH to as many hearts as I can. The hours I put in to bring people to my door have been many. I have not done this for materilistic reasons. The push in my Heart to LOVE you and all who do come to Petals, has driven me to keep bringing people in. And then to know you, and to interact with you …. it’s worth it. If you knew how many hearts have come to me, and I listen, and I embrace those hearts in Love, and to keep up with the posts I do … this is what I was born to do. I encourage YOU if you want, to start working on getting others to view your work. Your work is really stunning!!!!! OK! You got an earful from me this morning! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy


      • Amy – thank you for your kind words. I am focussing right now on returning to university – a whole different dream of mine and my photography is my hobby. I appreciate your support and that of my followers. Have a great day.


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