Living each moment

Back in February, I posted about Living in the Moment. That day was memorable and remarkable, reminding me to enjoy that moment.

Today, I am reminding myself – and everyone – to fully live each moment.

Photo 23

I learned recently about two amazing people who have each been given a challenging cancer prognosis. Both are women who have inspired, impressed and impacted me.

One is the mother of a friend, and although I have not spent a lot of time with her, our few interactions proved to be memorable, uplifting and showed how impacting a sense of humour can be. Her son, one of my husband’s best friends growing up, has all of the best parts of his mom and it is through him that I know how much of an influence she has had on the world of her family.

The other person is someone who truly shaped who I am as she knew me when I was first married and beginning in the world of work. Funny does not even begin to cover her deeply intelligent, sometimes ridiculous, sense of humour. Some of her best bits of advice still frame my interactions with the world – telling me that my hubby might not actually read minds and I need to TELL him what’s wrong; remembering that people generally talk before they think and so you need to not assume they have either heard you or mean what they say; and yes, Ed Grimley imitations are an excellent way to break up a boring afternoon at the office.

The only thing I know for sure is this: I have been given so many gifts in my life – friendship and family and work and now this amazing opportunity to go to school, to deal with this ‘unfinished business’.

Perhaps it’s my age, perhaps it’s the situations these women are facing – whatever it’s about, I’m feeling philosophical. And I am feeling so lucky but more than that, I am feeling inspired to live every moment. Get up and get the day going. Really be present and appreciative.

Yesterday, as I walked on campus, I took a picture of the blue sky. It was a beautiful blue sky.

I handed in an assignment in my religion class – the (required) assignment was to plan my own funeral, integrating scholarly sources and funeral rituals we had learned about in class. It definitely was a learning experience. Something I found really stuck with me:

“I will seek [hope] in the certainty that I will not be abandoned to die alone; I am seeking it now, in the way I try to live my life,so that those who value what I am will have profited by my time on earth and be left with comforting recollections of what we have meant to one another.”



Living each moment


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