We are not in Buffalo, thank goodness, but the snow has arrived. On the day I had my very first snow tires installed.

Methinks that is a sign.

Hoping it does not turn into ice….that was a storm my garden would like to forget.



The real soft whiteness will soon be arriving – snow is in the forecast.

There’s always time to reflect back on another type of soft white – Allen Gardens, February, 2014.


Allen Gardens

Allen Gardens February 2014

Peace. Release.

May 14-4 030

Missed my first class and both my labs yesterday. Life just got ahead of me and I crashed into a wall.

I slept. I sipped ginger ale. I slept some more.

And I meditated. Breathe in peace. Release all worry.

Peace. Release.

A reminder that even when all is incredibly amazing, when you are living your dream, you need to take a moment (or a day) and breathe.

Peace. Release.