5 comments on “Reflecting on 2014

  1. “Being in the moment” has become such a cliché, but it is still wise advice, and still hard to do. I’m glad you succeeded, for that wonderful moment in Queen’s Park. May we all live well, as we live in the moments offered us in 2015.

    • I agree that the idea of “living in the moment” has become a more popular concept than the practice. It is a practice that takes time to learn and, well, practice. Yesterday, as I was skiing, I found that it was in the moments when I wasn’t paying close attention to what I was doing that I was caught off guard and fell. The anticipation of what is coming next often makes it hard to enjoy – or avoid – what could be happening now.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • I like the skiing reference. Once, skiing, I watched 3 people before me fall at a particular turn — and when I got to that point, felt my own knees give way. Purely because I had anticipated falling. Had I instead truly been living in the moment, I would have navigated the turn easily.

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