8 comments on “Something to ponder

  1. Educators are never paid what they are worth. And there are many careers like teaching that are not paid the full value of their worth like the military members, firefighters, farmers and so on. There are volunteers that do not get paid at all like some helpline workers, hospital volunteers and so on. That, I think, is something that is understood when the career is chosen. Because many feel their worth is not compensated in one form or another, they tend to move on to another financially rewarding job.

    • I think that the compensation is part of the issue, but it’s also the undervaluing on a social level. We leave in a society where people’s worth is determined more by what they make than what they contribute. I do believe, though, that if people felt supported and not maligned, it would go a long way to improving the working conditions for people in a wide variety of occupations.

      • My husband says that in Peru the teachers are respected much the same as priests or professors. I totally get that.

  2. Your writing is so well written and succinct! I have things I want to say in response but I am just going to remain cautious and let you read my mind!!

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