High-quality public services

Recently the Ontario “Sunshine List”, the list of public employees who made over $100,000 a year, came out.

Premier Kathleen Wynne, defending the list, pointed out that the “government must pay for high-quality public services”.

I could not agree with her more.

Wynne goes on to say that “many of the people on the list have been working…..for many, many years and are experienced people and we need to have that level of expertise”.

Again, I’m with you, Premier Wynne.

The most experienced people working in my employee group have 33 years experience.

Their salary is, at best, 1/16th of the salary of the head of Hydro One ($728,570) who has 25 years experience in his field.

The people in the field of special education and early childhood education have considerable expertise and are delivering high-quality services.

We live in a society that equates the importance of your work – the value of the “high-quality service” you provide – to the salary you receive. So, when you hear that education workers are money grabbing, think again; understand that they are not shooting for the moon; they most definitely are not asking for 16 times their current salaries. They are asking for a fair wage for their delivery of “high-quality services”.

Educational assistants, child and youth workers and early childhood educators work with the future of Ontario: children.

In my world, that’s an extremely high-quality public service.

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