9 comments on “Down but not defeated

  1. Paula, I understand and share the frustration on which your post is based. There is an ongoing issue here that becomes particularly heightened in these times of bargaining.

    I’m not sure what the solution is—in reality, it’s probably going to take a lot of different solutions and ideas to get the proper levels of funding for the type of education system that we want in the 21st century.

    But, I would not assume that nobody is listening. More than ever before, we have ways to ensure that our voices are heard—our individual voices and our collective voices. Writing pieces like this is one answer and, if more of us took to the blogosphere, that would help. Most of our leaders use social media and I can’t imagine them not using it to gauge their public image.

    I think that we need to keep up the pressure on our professional associations, on our school districts and on our political representatives. I think that we need to continue to tell a compelling story in our own voices. I think that we need to form alliances and partnerships with other concerned educators, members of the public and politicians. And we need to make all of this very public!

    It’s a lot of work, but so is the what we do on a daily basis in our schools and classrooms.

    Let’s not lose heart!

  2. And I do tube feeding, washroom duties, feeding, swimming, physiotherapy and sometimes unfortunately I have to do restraining for the behavioral students, so it’s definitely not an easy job.

    • Your situation highlights the point of the frustration felt by many within education – the most vulnerable students need to be appreciated and recognized – as well as supported and educated by people who are also appreciated and recognized for the value they bring to the education system and our just and fair society.

      • Iam Educational Assistant working, a so called “full-time” 6 hour a day job, $27,900 a year. Along with the low income, every year I have to pay another $600.00 to $900.00 in income taxes back to gov. Over and above what I already pay off my pay for taxes.
        Then we are off for 2 wonderful months in summer, with even less pay. Having to apply for EI and waiting 4 weeks, if not more to receive it. Then try to get a pt job for 2 months. No one will hire you. Also if you happen to work a few hours EI deducts dollar for dollar 😦 how fair is that.

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  4. Well said! Now if we can only say that a little louder so that all may hear and understand. Educational assistance are overlooked when it comes to wages and benefits!!

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