Table talk

Every day, education workers in Ontario show up, without a contract, and bring their best to the table.

It would be so great if the government would do the same.

Stepping away from the table when the government is not taking the negotiations seriously, not bringing their best to the table, is the only option open to education workers in Ontario.

As Sam Hammond (head of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario) said, when the government walks away, it is reported that “talks broke down”; when education workers call for conciliation or take time to regroup and plan the best way forward, we have “walked away”, we alone are painted as responsible for the negative state of negotiations.

No matter how anyone tried to spin it, the government is playing fast and loose with the truth and the reasons behind the lack of progress.

Students deserve the best and we certainly deserve better than what the government has brought to the table to date.

Negotiators and educators stand strong. The ride is far from over.