don’t give up

The ink is not yet dry on the many contracts that the Ontario government negotiated with education workers throughout the province. But the writing is on the wall.

The government has won. Education workers throughout Ontario have paid the price for the government’s overspending, mismanagement and lousy decisions. Education workers, like most Ontario residents, are paying more for their goods and services. Education workers, unlike the government, are paying those prices while bringing home effectively less money, working harder due to cut backs within schools and continuing to be maligned by the government.

I know it seems bleak. I know it feels hopeless and people feel helpless.

I encourage people to not give up. Do not say there is no hope. The government won, but only this round. Now is the time to start working towards dismantling the negotiating framework that the government put in place in 2012 that stacked the entire process in their favour. Now is the time to say to the government we know what you are up to and we are not going away. 

Stand with your union – participate in your union – be your union. Become informed. Write letters. Go to rallies – not only those held by your union but any union in any sector that is fighting against the government’s quiet march toward pushing unions out.

Take a stand. Speak out to friends and neighbours and family members who say that unions are too strong, or that unions shelter bad workers. Tell those people YOU are the union. You are a good worker who needs a union because the government is too strong, the government is and has been abusing power and sheltering bad policies and decisions by making unions and union members the scapegoats.

don’t give up

3 thoughts on “don’t give up

  1. Unfortunately, you are right. The government (and other provincial governments, too…..BC and NS come to mind) have abused their power in the name of dismantling labour rights for workers in favour of big business. We have come to learn this truth the hard way and many are tired and weary of the fight already. After suffering so many blows, what we need is a win of some sort to rally our spirits. Here’s hoping the Supreme Court decision is that win. It should be that win but, after all of the sneaky, underhanded things that have happened, I will dance in the street when I actually hear the news that we’ve won, clear and free. Until then, no EC from this man. No Ministry-sponsored AQs for this Teacher. Instead, 100% focus on my students and their families and my colleagues, too. They get all of me. The government gets nothing. They may take from me (sick days, taxes, wage freezes, etc.) but, I give them nothing willingly anymore. The government may have won this round but, they have lost my partnership due to their smarthiness. Thanks, Paula, for writing your blog post. I hear you, Sister, and am with you 100%, too. All the best as this all plays out.


  2. Well said! I haven’t forgotten 115 so this last round further deepened my resolve. I don’t know what they hope to resolve through further mistreatment of Ed workers. Doesn’t work for me. I do see that business as usual has returned for many however. Truly perplexing.


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