The fog is lifting

This year, this decade, are almost over. And this one has been big for me and my writing life.

I took my first course back in January and it has been a truly wonderful ride. I have more knowledge, more stories, and a greater ability to understand the connection between writing, reading, and me.

My mother is a writer. I know that for her, being a writer means being paid for your words. And that golden ticket has not yet been awarded to me. (So am I really a writer?)

I can clearly remember, as a teenager, reading mom’s stories, the stories she had shoved into the back of filing cabinets. These pieces were full of wonderfully rich characters and deeply descriptive phrases.

I knew even then that some of her fiction stories were her way of working through her complex and complicated life. I read and reread them, trying to figure out how she did the work of writing, but also in hopes of understanding what parts of the stories were real and which were fiction.

Writing is a deeply personal experience, no matter the genre. My mom did a great deal of reporting on the Arts and investigative pieces but it was her piece on her journey through cancer which won a National award.

As I meet other people in my classes, I become keenly aware that everyone writes for different reasons and those reasons shift and evolve. And as I read their work, I know that we all have something to say and that it will land and have deep meaning for readers. My courses and the people within them have given me confidence – another takeaway. Confidence to keep writing and to submit my work here and there.

Like my mom, I write. And I do a lot of writing to work through life. I also have rediscovered the girl who was me, the one who used her imagination to escape her complicated life.

Life is far less complicated now, and that joy of writing has returned.

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