and these are my vices

Some time ago, I was sent a prompt from Firefly Writing‘s subscription service, Hello Writer. The prompt was to write about our vices based on a poem by Ceclia Woloch called Fireflies.

This poem barely covers all of my vices, and some are (happily) former vices, but this is the flow that happened.

and these are my vices



lack of boundaries

Hot Tamales and JuJubes

angry words for careless drivers

mindlessness when

mindfulness is needed

(which is always)

calling children sweetie

when they’re too old

or unknown to me

exhaustive worrying

about health and adults

who were children

and people’s perceptions

avoidance and procrastination

thinking about writing

more than actually writing

thinking I’ve failed

more than knowing I’ve


living in the past

when the present is fleeting

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