there’s an eagle and a tree
on a card
on my desk
I keep it because
the eagle is strength
to say those words out loud
I keep it because
the tree is nature
with deep roots that
ground me
in those moments
I want to escape
from the candor
on the page
I keep it because
it came from a place
of embodied creativity
I want to capture the artist’s
dedication to her craft
bottle it and take a sip
each morning when I sit to write
or during the dark night
when the questions surface
why make the effort?
who hears the whispers in the wind?
I keep it because
it speaks to the loneliness
of putting words into
the hollow

thank you to Firefly Creative Writing for the prompt and Alana Hansen for the beautiful work of art adorning my desk

black cloud, 2020

A couple weeks ago I submitted a poem to The Power Plant Contemporary Art Museum’s Power of the Poets contest. The idea was to write based on an artist’s work. I chose Black Cloud by Carlos Amorales and wrote from the duality of this view of his work and our current state of isolation.

Though not successful I was happy to throw my net for writing a bit wider.

black cloud, 2020

marked by distress

tinted by expectation

out there, life
altered, wounded, flaccid

in here, swarmed
shadows, panic, death

streaked with approximations

shaded with suspicion

out there, anticipating
next week, month, year

in here, trembling
dismay, agitation, loss

mixed with intrigue

mingled with reprieve

out, potential

in, subsistence