Kensington Market

As I’ve mentioned, I’m revisiting some of my old posts and reposting photos.


The photos in this post are from Kensington Market in Toronto. My son just moved out of the area and I am ever so grateful that he lived there so that I could have a reason to go there many times.


My first encounter with Kensington, that I recall, was actually when I was pregnant with my son, 24 years ago. I experienced one of my few bouts of “morning” sickness during a walk through Kensington – it was busy and there were many smells, but the one that did me in was fresh brewed coffee!


I look forward to more days in Kensington, for the many treasures it holds and the photo potentials which are endless.


Cycling day

As I work up to my Ride to Conquer Cancer, one big goal is to ride 80 km before the snow falls. As I’ve been focused on training for my half marathon walk lately, riding has taken a backseat. Today I was scheduled to walk 20.8 km, my last big walk before the taper period leading up to the race in 3 weeks.

My heart wasn’t in it today with some aches and pains in my lower legs. So, I asked my hubby if he wanted to ride with me. That’s a bit like asking me if I want chocolate – the answer will always be yes.

Today we rode downtown to Kensington Market and home again, slightly more than 63 km, although given the strong winds coming home, it felt like 90!

Kensington Market

The first time I ever visited Kensington Market was in the spring of 1989. My strongest recollection is being overwhelmed by the smells of the many different foods being prepared. This was slightly problematic as I was pregnant with Kyle and those smells cut short our visit.

September 1, 2010 began a new Kensington adventure, with Kyle taking an apartment in the heart of the amazing neighbourhood. That day taught me about how crazy it is to think about taking a huge truck through the streets of one of the busiest pedestrian areas in Toronto; I did but only because I didn’t know any better.

So, today, I walked through Kensington, taking photos and being distracted by the incredibly diverse shopping experiences. And, best of all, hanging out.


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