Riverwood Conservancy

Yesterday, we went for a walk in the heart of Mississauga, although it quickly seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere. The Riverwood Conservancy is a treasure that I was not aware that our city possesses. As stated in their website:

“The Riverwood Conservancy is a volunteer- and member-based charity that provides programs and services to the community in nature and environmental education, stewardship of Riverwood, and gardening and horticulture.”

The mission set out by the group is to create and maintain a public garden, park and nature reserve in the midst of a growing city. It is doing a wonderful job so far, and is truly a beautiful place.


Wherever you go…

“Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

As the craziest week in a long time comes to an end, I realize I have not had my camera out once all week. My “weather” has been cloudy with meetings and now a nasty cold keeping me away from something I really enjoy. So, I am posting a photo from a year ago to remind me what I’ve been missing!

Finally, a sunny day

Well, today I got my sun. And so we hit the trails again, this time to Erindale Park. Due to the fact that most of the pathways are susceptible to wash out, most of the trails are susceptible to ice coverage at this time of year. That was the only downside (okay, maybe the wind at times).

The river was flowing very rapidly, although at the sides there were areas with ice. That being said, there were a significant number of people fishing. We could not help but wonder what would happen if they lost their footing. It would be a most unpleasant experience.

Rattlesnake Point

Although originally from the west, I am not a winter person. So, hubby has his work cut out for him when it comes to getting me outside and away from my books, my warm blanket and my tea. Last weekend, he hit the mark with Rattlesnake Point.

A little mystery

At school, the teacher I work with has started a class blog. This is exciting news for me as I am able to actively participate with confidence.

The way that I have chosen to participate, beyond commenting on student’s blogs, is to post “mystery” photographs for the students to consider.

Last week on my school blog, I posted the “little green army man” shot from this post.  I asked the students what they thought the army man was sitting on. Most students felt it was a chocolate chip. In reality, it was a pine cone (which looks remarkably like a bunch of chocolate chips).

This week, hubby and I headed to Rattlesnake Point. I had the “mystery photo” idea in my mind and I took this shot. I then used Paint to highlight the “mystery” item in the shot and have asked the students to tell me what they think it is.

So far, students have guessed birds and a tree. In reality, it is a rock climber.

I am really enjoying this activity and look forward to seeing the world through their eyes.



“Climb up some hill at sunrise. Everyone needs perspective once in a while and you’ll find it there.” – Robb Sagendorph

Admittedly I did not climb a hill to get this shot – I took it from the balcony of our Bermuda accommodation – but it did give me fresh perspective. Sunrises and sunsets have a tendency to take one’s breath away for a reason; they remind you that all good things come to those who wait. Patiently. Sometimes for days.