I’m having to employ a great deal of patience these days….sometimes just thinking about how it is that this flower got to have such vibrant colours reminds me that things take time….

Delray - Thursday - Japanese Gardens 020

Stepping back

I seem to have a fondness for macro shots – without question I feel more comfortable in that zone.

That being said, one of my favourite shots ever by anyone is Aspens, New Mexico by Ansel Adams.

Each time I search for the photo online, I seem to see a different version and this got me interested in taking shots of trees and other structures in nature and playing with how they are “processed”.

This is why I am stepping back and looking at other points of view.

Delray - Thursday - Japanese Gardens 062


Delray - Thursday - Japanese Gardens 062

Bamboo grove – Delray Beach Japanese Botanical Gardens



….nothing to do….

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in – Robert Orben

I’ve been away from blogging for a few days as I was on vacation…..with nothing to do…and all day to do it in….it felt pretty darn amazing. 

Delray - Thursday - Japanese Gardens 116