Art washes away…

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life – Pablo Picasso

I was trying hard to figure out why losing the use of my camera for (possibly) a couple of months felt so harsh. I read the above quote this morning and realized that taking pictures – my little bit of art – does wash away the dust of everyday life. It also helps me to focus on new interests and look at the world differently and slow down. It is something I look forward to that is solely dependent on me.

I also love to blog – which explains why I have both a writing and a photo blog. Perhaps this summer of no camera will encourage me to focus on getting the writing one more established. Hmmm…

I had an opportunity to spend time with my son by taking pictures of some of his ants eating seeds (technically the elaiosome on the seeds…but I digress). Fortunately, I have an extremely generous neighbour who let me borrow her camera for that – and for this weekend. It’s given me a moment to think about that next step.

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