Ontario politics: nothing to be smug about

I remember when the US election results from 2016 came out. So many Canadians were walking around all smug and confident that we would never elect a public official like Trump.

Wake up and smell your double double folks – Doug Ford has delivered a smack down to that smugness in the form of severe and crushing blows to marginalized and vulnerable citizens. There are a boatload of negative actions engaged in by the Conservatives since taking power which will affect the average Ontarian as well.

Some say much of the vengeance is emanating from Dean French, Ford’s Chief of Staff. The source doesn’t matter; the outcome does.

So let’s look at the slashing the Conservatives have dealt to the social fabric of Ontario:

  • rent Control for new builds – cause there’s not a rental crisis in major cities right?
  • elimination of Bill 148, the bill which gave wage protections for workers, specifically part-time workers; this bill included a minimum wage hike
  • withdrawing the pilot project for basic income
  • stopped the opening of safe-injections sites
  • eliminated the Child and Youth Commissioner (who monitors and investigates abuse with the welfare system)
  • dropped the plan to spend $100 million for repairing schools – the actual physical buildings
  • repealed the 2015 Health curriculum
  • stopped the sessions for the rewriting of Indigenous education curriculum – counterintuitive to the Reconciliation process – updates were a significant recommendation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  • slashed the size of Toronto city council – reducing the levels of representation for the province’s largest city
  • eliminated the Environment Commissioner who makes sure the Province abides by environmental laws
  • scrapped the Cap and Trade program
  • ended the Green Ontario Fund
  • ended the Drive Clean program for emission testing
  • fired Molly Shoichet, Ontario’s Chief Scientist
  • cut the French Language Commissioner – along with scrapping a proposed French language university
  • withdrew funding for three satellite campuses for Ontario universities (Ryerson, Sheridan and Laurier/Conestoga College)
  • narrowed the program offering free prescriptions for children and adults under 25
  • pulled support for federal refugee resettlements
  • has delayed work around the police oversight law

But hey, you can buy beer for a buck and have open access to pot.

There is some confusion about exactly what happened yesterday regarding a resolution around gender identity. Originally news sources said the resolution passed; in fact, the resolution is being put forward for debate.

Either way, it sucks. To propose to debate the inclusion of gender identity in any way, shape or form IN 2018 is appalling.

The resolution says gender identity theory is “A highly controversial, unscientific ‘liberal ideology’; and, as such, that an Ontario PC Government will remove the teaching and promotion of ‘gender identity theory’ from Ontario schools and its curriculum.” 

Good grief, it’s like Trump is a ghostwriter for the Ontario PC party.

The Ford government is taking Ontario in a very scary direction and Andrew Sheer is attempting the same thing on a much bigger scale.

So, yes, what happened, is happening, will continue to happen in the States – negativity, intolerance, hatred, polarizing views – can and is happening here.

Peace on earth seems a rather tall order for Christmas this year.

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