Adventurer’s soul

I do not possess an adventurer’s soul. Sometimes I wish I did. I grew up afraid. My mother swears I had no fear which perhaps was true when I was very young. Or I hid it well.  I was a very overprotective mom when my children were younger (some may say I still am, but I think this past year has proven those people wrong. Mostly.).

 If I did have an adventurer’s soul, though, I would go to India and try to make a difference in the lives of women, especially in Northern India. That might not be the most adventurous thing in the world to some people, but it certainly would take me WAY out of my comfort zone.

I would, though, do that with less hesitation than kite boarding on Lake Ontario in November. Or perhaps kite boarding anywhere, anytime.

Today, as I drove into Toronto, a saw a kite boarder, but I had passed all the available parking lots and had set a time to meet someone. Perhaps I sensed that this guy was a determined soul and would be there on my trip back a few hours later. He was. I parked and rushed out to get some shots in what turned out to be his last few minutes on the Lake. I wished I had stopped earlier as it was a lot of fun to shoot.


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2 thoughts on “Adventurer’s soul

    • It is on my bucket list, for sure. I am learning a lot about the country through my daughter who is studying Anthropology at university. It truly is a place like no other I have experienced, so, as you say – why not?


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